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Send Text

Send Text sends text to any app that can send text

- Type first, select an app later -

SendText allows you to send text to any app on your phone or tablet (that can send text) directly from a notification launched by a Quick Settings tile.

Post a message to google+ or twitter, send a text message or email, create a qr code or a note, all without opening any apps but simply by typing into the notification.


Either paste from clipboard or start typing and press enter. Simply select an app to launch the app with your message pre-filled.

Direct Share

Send Text makes use of Android 6.0's Direct Share feature to allow sending text directly to a certain contact within an app that can send text.


Send text is started through a Quick Settings tile which you need to add to your Quick Settings panel before use.


Send Text is only 13kb. It has no permissions, background activities or advertisements. 

Get The App

Download for free from Play Store

Get The Code

Open source at Github

Quick Search Box

An older version of Send Text used to work with the Quick Search Box. As this feature has been taken out of the Android platform, that version of Send Text has been discontinued.

Quick Settings Activity

Possibly a future version will allow input through the quick settings panel directly in stead of through a notification.