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There are now hundreds of thousands of mobile apps in the Apple and Android stores. Its becoming nearly impossible to find great apps.

Enter PinkelStar. We offer mobile developers (iPhone and Android) native integration of social networks like Facebook and Twitter with a free API library, a robust platform, convenient designs, share buttons, a universal App Like button (similar to Facebook's 'like' button). Setup time out of the box is less than 5 minutes.

This has the following advantages:

1. You have more time for cool features in your app, while we take care of developing and maintenance of all these social network API's. Integration of PinkelStar takes less than 5 minutes and works on iPhone and Android. It comes with a convenient set of designs but is fully customizable as well.

2. Accelerate your distribution and brand recognition by letting your users bring your app to the place where they meet up with friends, instead of hoping a user will find your app in a store

3. Access to real-time key performance statistics (e.g. nr of downloads, views, reach, ratings etc.) that allow you to fine tune your app to the needs of your users.

For the end user the clear benefit is that he gains insight in what apps his friends like/use so that he can download and try them too.

The service is now in Beta, we have several developers testing it now. We are opening up and if you are interested to give it a spin (see for yourself) then sign up on our home page.