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Image Shortcut

Create shortcuts on your homescreen to specific images or videos in the gallery

This app can be used in two different ways to achieve the same result:

Adding shortcuts on your homescreen to an image or video in your media gallery. Shortcut shows thumbnail and title.

First way to create shortcut: from your homescreen, select add then select shortcut.
Select Media Shortcut to pick an image or video to create shortcut to.

Second way to create shortcut: from your gallery app, select the share button.
Select Media Shortcut to create a shortcut to the image or video on your homescreen.

In both cases a dialog will appear allowing you to modify the title of the shortcut.

When launching the short cut from your home screen you can select which app to view the picture or movie with.


Media Shortcut is only 15kb. It requires only the install-shortcut permission and has no background activities or advertisements.
See website for source code.

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