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An informational application for participants of the "Hacking at Random 2009" event in Vierhouten, Netherlands on August 13 - 16, 2009.

official website

Downloads: 451 (as of August 20th, 2009)

The main screen has different layouts for landscape and portrait.
Six buttons at the top open various screens and two tabbed pages at the bottom show which events are going on now and which are starting next (one event for each location).

The events list can be sorted in two ways
  • By Location. The track is shown as subtitle.
  • By Track (shown below). The location is shown as subtitle.

Clicking on an event brings up the event details screen.
This screen can also be accessed through the now and next lists in the main screen.
The button at the bottom allows the user to add or remove this event to his/her personalized schedule.

All marked events can be reviewed in the notifications screen.
The application does not automatically check for time conflicts.
The events in this list are not grouped by location or track.
Clicking on an event brings up the event details screen.

Ten minutes before a selected event starts the user will be notified.
Notifications are stored in the database and are restored if the device restarts.
Clicking on the notification brings up the event details screen.

The map feature shows an stylized map image of the area.
A selecting an item from the list of points of interest indicates that items position on the map.

The information screen shows some random information about the event.
Buttons start the maps, browser or dialer application.

The villages screen shows a list of groups of participants.

The phonebook screen shows a list of phone numbers of organisors and participants.
Clicking on an entry starts the dialer application.