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Want to know where you are relative to specific places important to you? Or where to go?
Point shows it to you in one glance!
Add your own points of interest. Mark your current spot before taking a stroll to easily find your way back.
Or ask Point to give you a sign when you’re near an important spot.
Point points it out the easy way!
Where you are, and where to go, tailor made by you!

Select the Add MapMark button to create a new pointer.
Scroll the map to your point of interest then tap to place a marker.
Pick a color and tap the center to save.
Optionally, enter a radius to receive alerts when entering or leaving the area around your point of interest.

Use the Mark Spot button to easily mark your current location.
You can re-use an existing spot name or create a new one.
Enable gps before marking the spot for the best results.

Select the Pointers button for an overview of your pointers.
Select the checkboxes to hide or show pointers.
Long-press a pointer to edit or delete it.
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