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A very simple yet powerful tool to keep track of cash expenses.

Download the package from My Applications or the android market
10.000 - 50.000 downloads from Android Market
This is the main screen.
It shows all database records in the selected group or All Groups.

Upon installation there are no records or groups so these must be created first.

The groups screen allows creating, editing, deleting and selecting groups.
When deleting a group, all records in that group are also deleted.
All Groups can not be edited or deleted.
Select All Groups to view all records in the main- and history screen.

Press back to return to the main screen.

After a group has been created, a record can be added to the database.

This screen allows creation of new records.
The group spinner will be preset to the selected group.
Each record must be allocated to a group.
The description field is optional.
Cent digits will be appended if not entered.

After saving, the record will show up in the main screen if it was allocated to the selected group or if All Groups is selected.

To edit a record, click on an item in the main screen.
Change any field as required and press save to update the record.
This screen allows deletion of the record.

Press back to return to the main screen.

After adding several records, the balance screen can be used to view totals for each group.
The date buttons allow selection of a date range over which the totals will be calculated.
After donating you can use the export by mail feature to move your log entries to your spreadsheet application of choice.

Press back to return to the main screen.

Select the History menu option to view spending history for the selected group or All Groups
The columns button allows selection of the number of columns to display.
The days per column button allows selection of the number of days for each column.
The graph scales according to the highest and lowest value displayed.
If a column appears absent, the value for that period is equal to the number displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

CashLog was created by me.
It is based on a JME application I made long ago.

Arno den Hond,
Apr 3, 2009, 11:06 AM