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AstroClock takes timekeeping to an astronomical level!

Calendars divide years into months of irregular length and even the length of a year changes during leap years!
AstroClock visualizes time according to three consistent natural cycles i.e. day, moon and season.
Time is indicated by three hands which each turn once for each cycle. (they still turn in a clockwise direction)

Bring your home screen to life with a gorgeous widget (resizable on newer phones and tablets) or a live wallpaper (very battery efficient as it ticks only once every 15 minutes).
Display AstroClock on your wall mounted tablet or wrist watch in full screen mode to view the clock without your home screen in the way.

AstroClock has a variety of downloadable themes to match your mood and if there isn't one that suits your fancy you can design your own theme, share it with others and become moderately famous!
If you don't want any theme or clock to display at all you can simply enable any of the 12 alerts (4 for each cycle) and have them show up in your notification bar as desired.

AstroClock plays nicely with other apps: on each alert (whether enabled for notification or not) it broadcasts an intent to any app that wants to respond according to the astronomical time.

This app is made by an independent developer during evenings and weekends.
It is free to download however the about screen does have a tip jar which you can use to support further development :)

Download from Google Play


Graphics Artists: Create your own theme

App Developers: Receive AstroClock events in your app