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Arno den Hond



  • Android
  • Lojban
  • Atheism
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Travel
  • Spaceflight
  • Minimalism


Early Adopter

  • started on emulator
  • got an adp1 in 01/2009
  • started developing for wrist-top devices on i'm watch

Market Publisher

  • half a dozen apps in Android Market
  • ~100k total downloads

Coder Kid

  • started coding Basic in 1990
  • started coding Pascal in 1994



  • Owns 13 Android devices in all form factors.
  • Publishes apps on various app stores.
  • Participates in various advertising networks.


  • Sun Java Programmer (2005)
  • Sun Java Developer (2005)
  • Sun Mobile App Dev (2007)
  • Exin Turbo Pascal (1997)


  • Android tutorial at Rotterdam University.
  • Android tutorial at The Hague Hacker Space.
  • Various app reviews and improvement advice.
  • Atos Origin J2ME club leader.
  • Co-founder of Dutch Android User Group


  • Android Developer Challenge 2: top 50%
  • I'm Watch Developer Contest: 3rd prize


  • Developed and open sourced a Graphing View subclass used by dozens of apps for various purposes. 
  • Developed and open sourced various minor apps.
  • Published several coding tutorials with code snippets.


Has worked on projects in:
  • Amsterdam
  • Londen
  • Los Angeles
  • Gibraltar
  • Seoul
  • Christchurch (remote)
  • San Francisco
  • Berlin (remote)
  • Dubai

December 2017 / January 2018 AlwaysHello, Rotterdam

Adding various features to encrypted contacts updating app

January 2017 - Present: StarterSquad, Amsterdam (Remote)

  • Adding viral features to BarDoggy.com app.
  • Redeveloping e-book and audiobook app for Bookchoice.com

June 2016 - November 2017: Siberia.io, San Francisco / Berlin

Developed a Bluetooth Low Energy app to read and write settings to a vaporiser.
Contributed to a project related to wearables and machine learning for world's largest chipmaker.

October 2015 - May 2016: StarterSquad, Christchurch (Remote)

As Android contractor developing apps for

July 2015 - September 2015 - Electric car Smart Charging, Amsterdam (Remote)

As Android contractor developing an app for a major energy company to allow drivers of electric cars to schedule nightly charging view statistics and configure various settings.

April 2014 - July 2015: Private Projects, Amsterdam

  • Developed a Multicast Broadcast Bridge that propagates Android Broadcasts over wifi to other devices in the vicinity
  • Developed a Bitcoin-related app (details on request)
  • Developing smartwatch features for AstroClock

March 2014: Triple-IT, Alkmaar

As Android contractor porting an iOS app to Android to manage home thermostat for a major Dutch energy supplier

February 2014: StarterSquad, Remote

As Android contractor developing an app for referees of various sports games.

October 2013 - December 2013: Booking.com, Amsterdam

As Android contractor developing features for making hotel reservations.

September - December 2012 , May - June 2013: Adyen, Amsterdam

As Android contractor developing an app that interacts with a mobile pin terminal and backend servers

Mobile chip & pin point-of-sale solution‬ (Arno in the background at 2:00)

May 2012 - July 2012: Egeniq, South Korea / Amsterdam (Remote)

As Android contractor adding and improving features to an app included firmware of unreleased Android device by worlds largest Android manufacturer.

July 2011 - April 2012: Xebia, Amsterdam

  • Member of development team at largest Dutch bank developing consumer app.
  • Developed an app for use by employees of one of the worlds largest airlines.

February 2011 - May 2011: Victor Chandler, Gibraltar

As Android developer responsible for designing and implementing a sports betting application. Features include:
  • Cloud 2 Device Messaging.
  • Home Screen integration.
  • JSON parsing.
  • ActionBar-style header component.

August 2010 - November 2010: Saffron Digital, London/Los Angeles

As Android developer in a team of developers adding and upgrading features to Samsung's MediaHub application.
  • Added a search feature using a contentprovider and linkify.
  • Optimized layout for tablet using viewflipper and gallery, gestures and animation.
  • Various other improvements.

May 2010 - August 2010: Pinkelstar, Amsterdam

As Android developer responsible for designing, developing and documenting a library for apps to connect to social networks.

May 2009 - May 2010: Android Market & Freelance jobs

Acquiring Android experience by developing several apps for sale in Android Market.
Developed several apps on contracting basis.
(see below)

August 2005 – May 2009: Atos Origin, The Hague

As Application Developer assigned to the following projects:
  • DigiD 3.0, a user authentication system for several governmental organizations.
  • OpAfspraak, an appointment reservation system for citizens visiting the city hall of Rotterdam.
  • Landelijk Beslag Register, a database for police and justice departments to keep track of confiscated goods.
  • Expanding various functionalities of KPN's VoIP site.

2001 – 2004: noBSoft, Leiden

Self-employed developer for projects such as:
  • S.R.S@COM Inventory Management and Sales Administration application for several shops in Amsterdam.
  • Online hotel reservation system.
  • BelBios midlet to search movie schedules of cinemas.
  • RIKOAdmin tax administration application for driving school.

1998 – 2000: Kensas, Amsterdam

Worked at Kensas as Junior Programmer and System & Network Engineer.
Started with object oriented programming in Java.

Android Apps

  • Bright: A reader for http://www.bright.nl with several categories, reader comments, youtube and twitter integration.
  • ShipItSmarter: A tool for postal package handling company http://shipitsmarter.com to scan barcodes and perform server actions on them.
  • GamesPlaza: A Launcher app which shows the gamesplaza.mobi site and connects to the Android market and browser to download apps, wallpapers and ringtones. Developed for the-saints.nl.
  • Quick Search Box Tools: 5 tools (Calendar, Twitter, Calculator, URL, Currency) which transform QSB into Quick Command Box to allow quick and easy input of data without opening any apps.
  • Point: A compass application which allows you to select several spots on the map and consistently points to those locations while moving around. Collaborately developed with Rob van der Veer for Android Developer Challenge 2.
  • Schedule Map: Informational application for visitors of conferences. Browse list of events and request notifications, view a map of the area, browse various additional information. Used at http://www.har2009.orghttp://mrmcd0x8.metarheinmain.de and nljug.org
  • CashLog/MoneyLog: A very practical tool to keep track of personal finances. Log entries are assigned to self defined groups and accounts. History graph shows income and expense history. Balance shows totals for all groups over a period.
  • Teletekst: A simple application to download and display teletekst pages behind numerous tv channels. Includes bookmark feature to easily access your favorite pages. A top20 app according to bright.nl(unrelated to later development of bright reader)
  • AstroClock: A long term clock which measures time according to astronomical standards. Inner pointer shows position of the sun including moments of sunrise and sunset. Middle pointer shows phase of the moon. Outer pointer shows position of earth around the sun. Includes a desktop widget. (>30.000 downloads)

J2ME Apps

  • W-Mobile: A LWUIT midlet for visitors of http://www.wormweb.nl to view agenda of upcoming events. Includes integration with Rabobank SMS payment to buy tickets from the application.
  • XS2TheWorld: Research on developing a LWUIT version of existing cityguide midlet. Http://www.xs2theworld.com
  • Replication Technology: Allows a J2ME application to replicate itself over bluetooth onto another device. It can continue to replicate infinitely and can also pass information generated in the old generation into the new generation.
  • SMSCash: A pyramid scheme to demonstrate Replication Technology. Participant registers a "charitable organization" by sending a premium sms. Profits are payed to referring participants. When participant refers new people, their registration fee is payed to "charitable organization".
  • TaalGids: A Dutch to Spanish guide of common phrases. Includes custom user interface (canvas), audio samples playback, bookmarks stored in RMS. Developed for http://www.formativ.nl.
  • ArNet: A mesh networking node. Connects to other nodes over TCP/IP and routes messages according to protocol.
  • MultiChat: A chat midlet for use over ArNet. Designed for group conversations.
  • KnikkerSpel: Implementation of classic peg game.
  • BelBios.nl: A three part system to spider a cinema portal and reorganize movie schedule data, serve compressed data to client and display it in a user-friendly, searchable way.
  • CashLog: A "keyword suggestion" income and expense administration midlet. Can show week, month and year graphs for selected keywords.
  • Examine: A mobile version of http://www.examine.nl/. Downloads or is supplied with an xml file containing question, answer type (free text, checkbox, radiobutton, slider) and page layout/flow data. Returns answers by http post or sms.
  • DDPT: A Dungeons and Dragons Player Tool (unfinished). Digital character sheet for RolePlayingGames. Includes various tools and calculators.

Technologies / Methodologies

  • Test Driven Development using Junit and TestNG.
  • IDEs: Eclipse and NetBeans.
  • Source Control using Subversion and Git
  • Standard Query Language.
  • Ubuntu Linux, Java desktop, Solaris.
  • Unified Modeling Language.
  • Extreme programming.